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Improve your business' loyalty, advocacy and turnover

Your customers don’t just buy on price.

Your employees don’t just want the highest wage.

We help organisations of all types and sizes design better experiences for their customers and employees, increasing loyalty and advocacy, and ultimately making a positive difference to their bottom line.

Manage your customer experience

Customer experience management is a must for business owners that want to scale their business and gain competitive advantage.

Customer experience was hailed as “the new competitive battleground” in 2015 – 4 years ago!

Big businesses have been making CX an integral part of their strategy and are seeing phenomenal results – an average of +77.5% increase in turnover over 3 years from a moderate improvement in CX (The Temkin Group, 2018).

Other small and medium business owners are starting to realise the benefits of CX but are struggling to figure out where to start.

We can help you get clarity of your vision, prioritise the improvements you need to make to your customer experience, keep you moving forward, stand out from your competitors and increase your profits.

It’s all about your customers – those people searching for exactly what your business has to offer, giving them an experience that’s easy, quick, positive, memorable, and turning them into a life-long customer.

It’s how you grow the business that you love … without compromising on what matters most.

Who is customer experience management for?

Whether you want to grow an existing business, start a new one, or simply improve your customer experience, CX will help you:

  • Gain clarity of your vision
  • Set out what your brand stands for
  • Understand who your customers are
  • Improve communication with your customers
  • Share knowledge about your customers
  • Increase consistency of experience around your business
  • Reduce impact of silos between teams
  • Improve your customer journey
  • Clarify your business’ objectives and your customers’ at each stage
  • Focus your marketing activity
  • Clarify touchpoint ownership
  • Identify gaps in your customer journey
  • Prioritise improvements
  • Receive actionable feedback
  • Improve your review ratings
  • Achieve your business goals
  • Set the foundation for an ever-evolving business

All while honouring your priorities and building a business YOU love.

We only work with a small number of clients at a time. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to create exceptional experience for your customers!

ExceptionalCX are the experts you need!

While CX is by no means a “quick fix” method, by committing to positive change you’ll be able to see results across your business.

The main things that prevent business owners from getting to grips with their customer experience are resource, time, expertise and buy-in from others.

But at ECX, we work with you, step-by-step, at your pace, helping you implement your plans.

Working closely with your team, we’ll help you drive your business forward, so your team takes ownership of the actions, works to deliver results and holds each other accountable.

Together we’ll make changes you’re truly proud of!

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

(source: Walker, 2015, “Customer 2020 Report”)


Engaged customers buy 20% more products, recommend to 46% more friends and family, and are 9x less likely to churn

(source: MaritzCX, 2016)

Customers that are extremely likely to recommend an organisation have a lifetime value of between 6x and 14x that of those that aren’t likely to recommend

(source: Bain & Company Inc, 2015)

How we’ll work with you

We take time to get to know your business. We don’t push a “one-size fits all” solution. Everyone’s needs are a little different.

We’re happy to come and visit you! We know that your time is precious, so we’re equally happy catching up over the phone or by video call.

We run workshops with your team, hold focus groups with team members and customers, conference call – whatever it takes to get you results. There’s usually post-it notes involved somewhere!

We’re not tied to any systems or platforms. We can help you choose one if you need it. Or if you’ve got something in place that has the functionality you need, we’ll help you work with that. There’s no point reinventing the wheel!

The start of each project involves more of our time, so we only work with a small number of clients at once. If you want to start work on improving your CX soon – don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today!

It’s great for your team too!

A big part of customer experience is employee experience.

What goes on in the inside of a business is reflected on the outside.

Improving your employee experience helps increase your employee loyalty and advocacy. 

Which helps you attract top talent and reduce absenteeism.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Happier team members are 12% more productive

Oswald, Proto & Sgroi

University of Warwick, 2015

Companies with high employee engagement see 37% lower absenteeism

Gallup, 2017

Businesses with top quartile engagement scores outperformed those with bottom quartile engagement scores by 21% for profitability

Gallup Q12 meta-analysis, 2016

75% of job seekers consider an employer's brand before applying for a job

CareerArc, 2015

69% of job seekers wouldn't take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed

Glassdoor, 2015

There's no magic wand. No quick fix. Don't delay getting your customer experience management started!

Let's break it down ...

What you’ll get

Start with you!

We’ll work with you to document your brand – so much more than a logo!
  • Create a clear vision for your business to guide your future decision making
  • Set out what you stand for, what you hold dear
  • Flesh out your brand personality and the way that you speak to your customers
  • Begin to set out your brand guidelines
We’ll help you understand your ideal customers
  • Be clear about who you serve and what you provide for them
  • Be able to connect, empathise and build trust
  • Know where to focus your marketing activity, how to design your services and how to close the sale
  • Share useful customer personas across your business

Then the who!

Map the what!

We’ll use your empathy, knowledge and understanding to map out your customer journey – what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling
  • Clarify your business objectives and your customers’ at each stage
  • Enable you to give your customers what they need as they move from discovering you to buying from you
  • Empower you to set up a smooth path to purchase so doing business with you is as easy as possible
We’ll map out the different ways your customers will come into contact with your brand across their customer journey
  • Set out the different channels and types of message your customers receive
  • Recognise the part that each channel plays in your customers’ experience
  • Identify the significance of each ‘touchpoint’ to help you prioritise your work (think of all the ways your customers interact with your organisation – each of these interactions is a touchpoint)
  • Establish which team owns each touchpoint

Now the how!

Be mindful of the gaps!

We’ll help you work out what needs to be put in place to improve your customer journey
  • Identify what’s needed and the type of tools to achieve it
  • Prioritise the actions required
  • Create a plan of action – starting with any quick wins
We’ll help you keep on track with your continuous improvements
  • Clear ownership of action points
  • Agreed deadlines
  • Regular progress updates
  • Reviews of what’s gone well and what needs work

Achieve your goals!

What could improved customer experience mean for you and your business?