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Welcome to my home online. And thank you for stopping by to find out more about me and how I help ambitious small service-based business owners, like you, get the results they want and maintain a sense of harmony in their life.

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For over 20 years I’ve helped businesses of all sizes learn how to show up and serve their clients, and build their brand. I’ve lead teams and have coached people to achieve their dreams – always a joy and an honour.

I use my expertise in business management, marketing, customer insight, product management and customer experience, to help business owners like you switch their focus from their products, services and what they can do, to their clients, their business and themselves – and get the results they’re looking for.

When you put people at the heart of your business, take the time to find out more about them and then make changes based on what you’ve learnt, it makes a huge difference to everything. I’ve spent my career in this space, in a variety of roles, and it’s where the magic happens! đź’–

I’m a business management graduate and have worked at a senior level so I understand the everyday nitty-gritty of leading a business. My first love was marketing, so I got my Professional Diploma from the CIM, and I help my clients navigate all the options to come up with a tailored blend that’s right for them, their business and their clients!

Finding out what people need and why they do what they do is fascinating. Really – it is! The years I spent in customer insight and customer experience mean I understand your clients and what they want and need from you. I can help you deliver that – right across their journey with you, from discovering you to purchasing to keeping them coming back again and again.

I want you to feel in control, energised and able to work from your heart and soul. I’m here to help you get there too. I’m a qualified life coach so can help you achieve your goals in life and business, and recognise and overcome any mindset issues that are holding you back.

My vision

To empower service-based businesses owners to take a holistic, balanced and people-focused approach to their work and lives so it’s a positive and fulfilling experience for everyone – including themselves.

My mission

To create the tools, services and network that small service-based business owners need to confidently lead and grow their business and still have the time and energy to live a joyful life.

My values


I believe that growth is possible, whether that’s a business, a person, a brand or even a metric.
I’m here to help my clients achieve their ambitions – whether that’s on a local, national or international scale. I want to help people grow; realise their potential and their dreams, career aspirations and personal goals.

Mutual respect

I believe that our differences should be celebrated. It’s these that give us diverse perspectives on subjects, problems and life in general. The world would be a dull place if we were all the same, believed the same, thought the same and felt the same.
Mutual respect is the foundation for trust, honesty and meaningful communication. It’s the regard for the dignity of people. People are at the heart of what I do. Without mutual respect, I wouldn’t be doing what I set out to do. Without trusting each other we wouldn’t be able to be honest with each other and our communication would lose value.

Honesty & transparency

I believe in being honest with myself and to my clients. I believe in transparency – open communication, regular feedback, respect and admitting when I’m wrong.
That may be what you’d expect to hear, but real honesty and transparency can be hard – and hard to take. Yet there’s so much benefit from these, like increased innovation, collaboration and quality of work.
To grow as a person, you have to be honest with yourself, take feedback from others and use it.
To grow as a business, you have to listen to what your clients are saying. You have to give your team, if you have one, a safe environment so that they know that they can be honest and there will be no repercussion.

Ownership & accountability

I believe in taking ownership and being accountable. I believe that ownership gives you a voice and accountability gives responsibility. With responsibility comes growth and the opportunity to shine.

Loving balance

I believe in loving ourselves for who we are, balancing life so that we can spend time with loved ones and have ‘me’ time, recognising when things are out of balance, caring for others as much as for yourself and caring for yourself as much as you do others.

It's not all work, work, work!

I’m married to Jon, a graphic designer and studio manager, bargain hunter and music lover, who has more shoes than I do! Together we have 2 gorgeous boys who keep us busy PokĂ©mon hunting, playing board games, going on adventures and beating us at Mario Kart (if you have any winning strategies for that, I’d love to hear them!). My mum lives with us in a granny annexe and when I’m working my feet are kept warm by Tiponi, our elderly Pixie Bob.

We live in Whiteley, near the Hampshire coast in the UK, so we get to spend days out at the seaside, the New Forest and the South Downs. All beautiful, no matter what time of year.

I live with lymphoma so have to make sure I take my own advice on balancing work and time for myself & my family! I talk about energy quite a bit partly because I’m a Reiki practitioner. And my brand colours come from the crystals I have on my desk.

I’m happiest trying out new recipes, crocheting, doodling, reading and walking. I love catching up over a coffee or G&T – you might be able to tempt me with a slice of cake too 🍰 I unashamedly use emojis whenever possible đź’–

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