What we do

We help businesses become better for their people.

That’s the customers, employees and the business owners.

By doing that we help increase loyalty, advocacy and turnover.

We work closely with our clients to do this. We aim to create a team that together drives their business forward, takes ownership of the actions, works to deliver results and holds each other accountable.

Silhouette of a group jumping with the caption it's teamwork that makes the dreamwork!

We don’t offer a quick fix 

There simply isn’t one.

Creating exceptional customer experience, employee experience and implementing your brand across everything you do is a journey of continuous improvement. It’s a commitment to positive change. For everyone in your business – from the top, from the moment your team members join. 

It’s rewarding

Working towards a common goal, especially if that goal is one that people believe in, is unifying – it creates a sense of ‘team’ and fulfilment.

It makes financial sense:

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

(source: Walker, 2015, “Customer 2020 Report”)

Revenue increases over 3 years from a moderate improvement in customer experience for companies across a range of sectors by an average of +77.5%

(source: The Temkin Group, 2018)

Engaged customers buy 20% more products, recommend to 46% more friends and family, and are 9x less likely to churn

(source: MaritzCX, 2016)

Customers that are extremely likely to recommend an organisation have a lifetime value of between 6x and 14x that of those that aren’t likely to recommend

(source: Bain & Company Inc, 2015)

Happier team members are 12% more productive

(source: Oswald, Proto & Sgroi, University of Warwick, 2015)

Companies with high employee engagement see 37% lower absenteeism

(source: Gallup, 2017)

Businesses with top quartile engagement scores outperformed those with bottom quartile engagement scores  by 21% for profitability

(source: Gallup Q12 meta-analysis, 2016)

75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job

(source: CareerArc, 2015)

69% of job seekers wouldn’t take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed

(source: Glassdoor, 2015)

Positive brand equity positively impacts product pricing, sales volumes and customer retention

(source: Investopedia, 2018)

Less than 10% of businesses feel their brand presentation is very consistent
Around 90% of businesses agree it’s important to present their brands consistently across all touchpoints
The average revenue increase attributed to brand consistency is estimated to be 23%

(source: Lucidpress, 2016)

We help you to make sense of your customer feedback, your behavioural data, your customer and business knowledge to create exceptional experiences for your people.

We work with you to create exceptional customer and employee experience.