How we do what we do

Firstly we’re going to get to know you and your business   👋

Where you are in your journey, what you want to achieve, what problems you’re experiencing.

We don’t push a one-size fits all solution. We’ll listen to what you tell us because everyone’s needs are a little different. We take the time to get to know you so that we can help you.

We know time is precious   ⏳

We can get to know you in person at your offices or chat to you over the phone or a video call. 

We’ll keep travelling down to a minimum to save time – reducing our impact on the environment!

Once we know what you want to achieve and where you are in your journey, we’ll put together a proposal for you   📝

This would be our recommended solution to the issues you’re experiencing and how to take the next steps to improving your customer and employee experience.

It’s not carved in stone. We’ll discuss it with you and together we’ll come up with a plan for moving forward.

What we do next depends a great deal on the project!   🔮

Most of our work with clients starts off with us visiting you to run workshops – usually 1 or 2 days, depending on how much we need to cover.

Both customer and employee experience are not the responsibility of any one person – they both require commitment from across your business. We’ll spend some time talking to members of your team, either in the workshops or if you’ve got several sites we may visit them and chat there, or catch up over the phone or online.

When we need to talk to you, present findings and have longer meetings we’ll usually do that in person. If we’re having a progress meeting that may take an hour, then we’ll often do that over the phone or via video call.

Whilst we’re here to help you in any way we can, it’s you and your team that will make the difference to your customer and employee experience. 

We’re not tied to any systems or platforms   💻

We can help you choose providers to help you with your customer or employee experience.

Or we can work with the platforms or systems you already have in place if they have the functionality you need. When you’ve already invested time and money in making a choice and setting it up, it would be a waste of both to reinvent the wheel!

We understand that working to improve your customer and employee experience is an investment in the future success of your business   💷

We offer flexible payment methods to make this investment more affordable.

You can either …

  • pay as you go – paying for the work as it’s scheduled, so what you pay varies over the life of the project
  • pay in regular instalments – paying for the planned work in equal amounts over the life of the project making managing your budget easier