There’s a whole lot more design to a brand than the logo

Colour, typography, templates and imagery are all part of your brand’s visual identity. Paying attention to these details helps build a strong brand.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

We’ve talked about colour choice before. 🎨 The colours you choose for your brand should reflect what you do and attract who you do it for.

If you’re about action and want to work with similar people, then red’s a great colour. If you’re offering a heart-centred business pastel colours work well; calm shades of pink suggest femininity, love, calmness, innocence, optimism, care, female strength.

Choosing your font or typography 📄 is another major element of your brand’s visual identity. Plus you need to consider the practicality of it! 2 or 3 different fonts are quite common – one for your body copy (paragraphs), one for your titles and subtitles and the last for emphasis or to add a more personal touch – a script font works well 🖋. Make sure you have the licence for every font you want to use and you can use them across everything – website, email, documents, and so on. Check out Google fonts for some great options.

Templates 📃 will save you time in the long run and keep your branding consistent. You can get templates made for your documents, web pages, emails and social media.

Imagery is something to consider 🤳. Think about your brand and what you want it convey. Warmth and cosiness. Fresh and light. Always have something red in it. Dark shades and gritty. Luxurious. Families or happy children. Appetising food. Something beautiful. Inspirational. Then keep it in mind when you’re scrolling through Pexels or Canva!

Anything tangible – things you can see, touch, smell, listen to, and taste should also be part of it 👀🖐👃👂👄. From the paper your business card is printed on (think silk finish vs. bumpy hammered paper) to packaging to any premises your customers visit – everything should reflect your brand. Are the surfaces smooth or textured? How can you add your brand colours? Is everything practical or are you going for comfort and beauty?

Choose a designer that will help you with all of these things when you’re creating your brand 👨‍🎨👩‍🎨. Even if you start with a logo, when you can, go back and get the whole package. Consistent branding is an investment that will pay for itself. Is it an investment you’ve made?

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