Are you making your vision a reality?

Every day you’re taking action. You’re working hard, creating products and services for your customers. Why? What vision are you working towards?

Did you take the time to write your vision down?

Is what you’re doing moving you closer to making your vision happen?

Dream big! What's your vision for your business?

Why are you working so hard?

What are you hoping to achieve?

When you started your business what was your dream?

If you have a vision statement, how often do you read it? Check in on your progress? 

Do the people in your team do the same?

Your vision needs to play a central role in your business

Often seen as a bit of ‘fluff’ that’s popped on the ‘about us’ page of a website, pasted into corporate documents and seen as something that you have to have but is never referred to, your vision statement can be a powerful tool when used the right way.

It doesn’t have to stay the same forever, you should check to make sure that it still reflects the direction you want your business to go in.

Right now – you need to commit to the future you’re working hard to create.

Dream big! What's your vision for your business?
Ensure your vision is compelling

It needs to be something that everyone can get behind and every year get closer to achieving.

It should inspire and influence you. And the people you work with.

When your vision is truly compelling, it brings people together. 

Own it

Demonstrate it in what you do.

It’s your vision.

It should be the reason you’re here. What you turn up to achieve every day.

Use it

It’s the north star that guides your way – your decision making, the steps you take.

Share it

Tell others about it.

Use it to galvanise the people around you. Your team, your customers, your followers. Together you’re going to make your vision a reality sooner.

Make your vision statement come alive

A statement, no matter how beautifully designed, is just words. Doesn’t matter whether they’re on a page, on a wall, on your screensaver. 

You need to make it visual. What would it look like if you achieved your vision statement?

Use pictures. Create a vision board. An album. Whatever works for you. Breathe life into it.

Choose imagery in your work, content, marketing, that shows the future you’re bringing about.

Are you dreaming, passing time, or changing the world?
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