Think like a customer

Are you easy to do business with?

You have repeat customers that buy from you time and time again. If you’re asking them for feedback it may well be glowing – fantastic!

Or is it?

Image of woman shopping on laptop, credit card in-hand

How are many new customers do you have? What you expected, or is your conversion rate a little lower than you’d like? Do you know why?

The top of your sales funnel may look healthy, but where are people dropping out?

As business owners, or as people that work for a business, we know how our processes work. We’re the experts. It might all seem perfectly obvious – you click here, then here, scroll down to here, put the details in there, click here …

Your repeat customers do it just fine.

Well yeah! They’ve learnt how to do it. Over time. Did they struggle the first time? Was there something that they needed so badly that made the effort they had to go to, to do business with you worth it? Or if you’re B2B, did they just have to do it? Because it’s part of their job?


But prospective customers don’t have that knowledge and experience. They may be looking at 3 or 4 other companies that do exactly what you do, more or less.

Think like a customer. Don’t think like a business owner or a team member.

Is what people need to do, to do business with you obvious? Is doing business with you easy? For everyone?

Look for evidence in your analytics. Make sure you’re getting feedback from across your customer journey – not just the end from the people that have purchased successfully from you. Map your customer journey and improve it. Continuously.