Does satisfaction create loyalty?

Quote from Shep Hyken:

“Another satisfied customer!” Is satisfied really enough? What does ‘satisfied’ actually mean?

Dictionary.com defines it as:

“to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of (a person, the mind, etc.); give full contentment to …
“to put an end to (a desire, want, need, etc.) by sufficient or ample provision”

Sounds great – on the face of it.

You’re doing enough, you’re doing what’s expected, you’re doing what’s needed.

And sometimes that’s OK.

You have to get the basics right. In some industries even that’s a struggle, so you can shine with your brilliant basics.

If you asked a customer what they thought of your product or service, and they said “It was sufficient.” Would that get you thinking?

Or if you asked someone you work with what they thought of your performance, and they said “It’s adequate.” Would you be a little disappointed?

Satisfied is OK.

Is it great? Is it memorable? Is it raising expectations? Is it giving customers something to talk about? Is it going to encourage them to come back – again and again and again?

Think about the things you have or the services you use that you’re satisfied with.

❓ How many of those have you recommended to others?
❓ How many of them have you repurchased because you know it works, or it does what you need? 
❓ How many of those have you repurchased because of the risk that something else might not up to the same standards and/or because it’s just easier to buy the same thing again?
❓ How many of those would you quickly forget if there was an alternative that had glowing reviews, more relevant benefits, and/or was easier to buy? Or perhaps an amazing introductory deal catches your eye?

Your customers are the same.

Do the basics brilliantly; satisfy your customers.

Look at your customer journey and find ways to make doing business with you easier, to create memorable experiences, and to do more than the basics for your customers.

Measure customer satisfaction. Measure customer loyalty.

If you don’t want to settle for ‘satisfied’, contact us today!