Knowledge is power(ful)

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What do you know about your customers and how do you share it?

Working in internal design studios for many years I have always produced work with the customer in mind. My last employer actively encouraged employees to go out and talk to customers to gain insight into what they actually need as opposed to what the business thinks they do, but that’s just a small segment of the customer base, its not the big picture. In order to have a clear view you need to see the customer research. 

Often viewing the research that has been undertaken can be more difficult than it should be. There’s an assumption that creative, along with other teams, don’t need to be ‘bothered’ by it and just don’t need to know.   

If you’re not sharing research then you’re potentially hiding a catalyst to achieving greater things… employees that better understand their customers are able to serve them and the business more effectively. 

Research is an investment for the business and should never be kept by the privileged few, and paraded in front of the leadership team and never show it to the guys and gals on the front line. Imagine how frustrating it would be to find out you could have been doing a better job if you’d known some key fact the research unearthed! Comments like ‘the research says…’ What research?! and as Cuba Gooding Jr said in ‘Jerry Maguire’ ‘SHOW ME THE RESEARCH!’ (or words to that effect).  This statement is often used to get people to do what they want, right up there with ‘the director said!’

If all the team got to see and understood the research it would mean an integrated and consistent approach to improvements and goal achievement. Money well spent.

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