Start your business here: You ❤ your customers

Not sure where to start with your marketing and business plans? 

Got so many ideas and so much knowledge in your head but not sure how to get it down in a way that will make sense and be useful?

Know what you want to do but struggling with making it a reality?

Want to delight your customers from the start so you have solid foundations to build on?

You need a framework to create a business around your customers and your brand!

Start with you!

We’ll work with you to create your brand – so much more than a logo!
  • Create a clear vision for your business to guide your future decision making
  • Set out what you stand for, what you hold dear
  • Flesh out your brand personality and the way that you’re going to speak to your customers

Then the who!

We’ll help you understand your ideal customers
  • Be clear about who you serve and what you provide for them
  • Be able to connect, empathise and build trust
  • Know where to focus your marketing activity, design your services and close the sale

Map the what...!

We’ll use your empathy and understanding to map out your customer journey – what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling
  • Clarify your business objectives and your customers’ at each stage
  • Enable you to give your customers what they need as they move from discovering you to buying from you
  • Empower you to set up a smooth path to purchase so doing business with you is as easy as possible

Now the how!

We’ll map out the different ways your customers will come into contact with your brand across their customer journey
  • Set out the different channels and types of message your customers need
  • Recognise the part that each channel will need to play in your customers’ experience
  • Identify the significance of each ‘touchpoint’ to help you prioritise your work (think of all the ways your customers will interact with your organisation – each of these interactions is a touchpoint)

Be mindful of the gaps!

We’ll help you work out what needs to be put in place to create your touchpoints
  • Identify what’s needed and the type of tools to achieve it
  • Channels to set up
  • Prioritise the actions required

Achieve your goals!

We’ll look at each customer journey stage and its goals to give you a detailed view of what needs to happen
  • Envision how you can move your customers to the next stage of the journey
  • Clarify what you need to put in place for your customers
  • Clearly plan how you can do it across your touchpoints

So what does all this give you?

Focus – what’s important to you and what’s needed to make your dream a reality

Clarity of your vision and what you want to achieve

Understanding of your brand and what you stand for

Understanding of your customer – who you’re marketing to, who you’re talking to, what to blog about, what to create as a lead magnet

The information you need to create your marketing plan, add to your business plan, manage your products and design your services

As you grow, you’ll have documents you can take your team through to make sure they know everything there is to know about your business and your customers – they’ll also enable you to create a culture where everyone has the same view and understanding of the customer.  These include brand guidelines, customer personas, customer journey map, touchpoint map and touchpoint guidelines.

Still not sure?

By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

(source: Walker, 2015, “Customer 2020 Report”)

Revenue increases over 3 years from a moderate improvement in customer experience for companies across a range of sectors by an average of +77.5%

(source: The Temkin Group, 2018)

Engaged customers buy 20% more products, recommend to 46% more friends and family, and are 9x less likely to churn

(source: MaritzCX, 2016)

Customers that are extremely likely to recommend an organisation have a lifetime value of between 6x and 14x that of those that aren’t likely to recommend

(source: Bain & Company Inc, 2015)

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Do you want to move past feeling overwhelmed?

Do you want to get what’s in your head out so that you can make it work for you and your business?

Do you want to firm up your plans and add the details that will make your dream a reality?

Do you want to create a framework that helps you help your customers realise their goals?

If the answer is ...

We'd love to hear from you and help you make your dream business a reality