Create your Perfect Persona

Welcome to the online workshop to create your Perfect Persona – a detailed view of your perfect client.

Everything you need is on the page below, including links to download the workbook and persona template.

Each video contains information you can use to complete that section of your Perfect Persona, along with how to put it to use afterwards.

Go through the videos in order, starting with the Welcome and Introduction here 👇

Welcome & introduction

Including why you’re here & how we’re going to do this.

Click on the ▶ to play the video.

Your Perfect Persona workbook

Click on the image to download the PDF 👉

Or click this link to create a copy in Google docs.

Their business

Please note …

You only need to watch this video and complete this section of the workbook if your business is B2B – your clients are other businesses and it’s a business that will pay your invoice 💷


Defining your client using facts about their life and identity


Describe your perfect client using their attitudes, interests, opinions, values and behaviours.


What are your clients interested in? Because there’s more to life than work!


What they do and how they do it.

Likes and dislikes

What do you need to offer and avoid?

Beliefs and values

What shapes your client’s view of the world?


Describe the qualities of your perfect client

Emotional drivers

What does your perfect client want to move towards or away from?

Psychographics – wrapping up

So what do they really mean for you?

Aligning with your perfect client

This second part is all about your business and how it aligns with your perfect client.

This video covers giving reasons for them to believe in you!

Their common objections

Why they can’t work with you – preparing for their reasons and excuses.

What they expect

Avoiding disappointment and making space to delight.

Where they spend their time

Get your message seen.

Serving your perfect client

What they want and what they need.

Your perfect client’s goals, tasks and pains.

Your offerings, goal achievers and pain remedies

How you support your perfect client.

Finishing touches

Who is your perfect client?

Introducing …

What to do next

Using what you now know!

Download your template

Download the template for your Perfect Persona here.

Thank you!

Thank you for choosing to create your Perfect Persona!

I hope you’ve created a fantastic description of your perfect client that’s going to help you craft your marketing, products and services into something absolutely tailor-made.

Don’t forget – you are the secret ingredient in your brand. ✨ Create your messaging so that it comes from you, and could only come from you! You know what you want for your client – let them know what that is.

If you want to work on your brand and get yourself out there authentically (I don’t do cookie cutters – I only do one of a kind), you know where to find me.

Take your next step boldly.

Wishing you every success 💖