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The best and worst companies for customer service in the UK 2019


Which? ask 4,000 people in the UK about the customer service they’ve received from 100 UK retailers. As ever, there are large differences between sectors – airlines, telecoms and energy providers sitting at the bottom, while car maintenance, optometrists and supermarkets are at the top.

If you’re passionate about your customer service and experience there’s a lot of interesting points in there.

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Positioning your brand for success


Your brand positioning affects what people associate with it and what they expect. Those associations and expectations influence your customer experience – not only what you deliver, but how it’s received.
Get your brand positioning right and you make your customer experience more positive. It also helps you stand out from your competition. Here’s how you position your brand for success.

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Jargon buster – branding


Your brand is more than a logo and a tagline!

But when people start talking to you about the importance of branding and all the things that go with it, ever notice how much jargon they use?

Here’s a jargon buster to help you navigate the way to building a strong brand!